Witnessing to light, grace, and salvation

As I started to pull together resources to post here (like the Resources on Faith and Culture Link on the sidebar on the right), I realized that I draw from many sources. But the one which I draw on most is the Pauline spirituality that Blessed James Alberione shared with us. 

I will try to put together some of his most compelling insights here, and I hope you find them as inspiring as I do. One of my favorites is:


        [Jesus] spoke in a simple and clear way even when he was teaching lofty doctrine.  He adapted his teaching to the needs of every audience. The Gospel notes that he knew what was in every person (cf. Jn 2:25). He adapted himself to fishermen and shepherds, to those from Galilee and those from Judea, to the Pharisees, to his disciples, and to his opponents. How different is his conversation with the Samaritan woman from that with Nicodemus, who came by night! How different his teaching to the crowds from that given to the close circle of apostles! Yet it was always a question of the message of salvation.

        He wanted his disciples to work in the same way.

        The apostle,* in fact, is not some great thinker who proposes his or her own conclusions, or has to defend his or her own teachings….. The apostle is a witness of what he or she has seen and heard from the Divine Master and from the Church in which [Christ] continues to live, teach, and guide.

        What an immense privilege: to follow the Divine Master and cooperate with Jesus Christ in proclaiming his message of light, grace, and salvation.


*The term “apostle” is used by Alberione to describe each of us, as we are all called to witness to Christ through our Baptism.

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