Panel on Religulous

The episode where I was invited to join a panel talking about the film Religulous aired last night on Salt & Light TV. I am more comfortable (and interested in) being behind the camera than in front of it, but the dialogue between film and faith is so important to me that I agreed to go on. And I’m glad I did.

For me, preparing for the dialogue was a great way to brush up or expand my knowledge on certain aspects of our faith and the mockumentary film subgenre. And, despite the episode’s brevity and our inability to take the time to talk about all the aspects of the film we wished to, the dialogue was lively and thought-provoking (thanks to Pedro Guavera-Mann and Christopher Giardino).

The episode will air again tomorrow evening (Saturday, Oct. 11th) at 7:05 on Salt and Light TV. If you don’t have access to Salt and Light TV, you can watch it stream live tomorrow evening on their website.

Pedro also offers his own additional comments on the film on Salt and Light TV’s Blog.


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