I’m slowly resurfacing from completing the revisions of my manuscript. I never seem to plan quite enough time for completing a writing project.

Signis Banner

Signis Banner

One of my favorite organizations that I’d like to bring to the attention of Catholic and Christian communicators is Signis,the World Catholic Association for Communication. Approved by the Vatican, Signis members do amazing and marvelous work in communications and around the world. I first learned that there was a Theology of Communication from Signis members. The networking, the support, the way we challenge each other to excellence, the sharing of knowledge and spirituality–all of these are reasons why I’ve cherished my membership in Signis.

Here in English-speaking Canada, the Signis affiliate is The Association of Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada,more familiarly known as ARCCC. In the U.S., the Signis affiliate is The Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals.The Catholic Academy has annual awards for excellence in film, television, radio, and internet, and they recently announced their winners. The winners for film are:

Children’s Category: “Enchanted”–Walt Disney Studios

Documentary Category: “The Price of Sugar”–Uncommon Productions

Drama Category: “Amazing Grace”–Bristol Bay Productions

Check them out when you have a chance!


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