Two good responses to Religulous

A friend commented on my Religulous film commentary and mentioned that his church had put together a short online video that responded well to Maher’s claim that people who believe have done so much evil in the world. I liked it so much I wanted to link to it. Here it is:

I also found Mark Shea’s article insightful and interesting.

That will be all I’ll post on Religulous for now, but these last two were too good to pass up!


4 thoughts on “Two good responses to Religulous

  1. Actually this video did exactly what all people of faith like to do. It attempted to retaliate to Maher by presenting irrelavent facts and sugar coating something I refer to as a mental illness. In no way did it refute or answer any points brought up by Maher. If anything, it only confirmed that religion is an invisible product of manipulation and propaganda for the masses. So enjoy your schizophrenic conversations with your imaginary friend and as Maher said, if you’ll be in a better place, why dont you just kill yourself?


  2. My post may have been a bit misleading. This film wasn’t made directly as a response to Maher’s film, Religulous. My friend and I simply thought it addressed well Maher’s critique of Christianity as a force for evil in the world.

    Would the world really be a better place without Mother Teresa? And all of the people like her, who, motivated by their faith in God, selflessly served others?

    To me, faith in God is not about manipulation or running from the hard stuff, but about delving into the deepest truths about life, and about becoming free enough to act from that truth. One of those fundamental truths is that every person is sacred and deserves respect and compassion. Thus, Mother Teresa was able to dedicate her life to others with a generosity of spirit that is simply “unbelievable” if looked at from a purely human perspective.

    One of my biggest objections to Bill Maher’s film and his method of inquiry is that he pretends that Religulous is an objective piece. In reality, it’s carefully constructed disinformation. Instead of going into the real questions, he uses misconceptions and extremes to tear down Christianity. Yet, in some ways, I could sense he is genuinely seeking.

    I respect both his and your desire for the truth, and hope that your search will lead you to a place of hope and freedom.


  3. Love the fact that the video quotes Adolf Hitler. What Christians don’t seem to realise is that the rest of the world thinks that Christianity and its history is the ‘big lie’ that was told loud enough and often enough for enough stupid people to believe it.


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