Deepen your understanding of St. Paul!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m glad to be back!

This week, we are hosting Father Jeffrey Mickler, ssp, as he speaks about St. Paul throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto. Tonight from 7:30-9:00 pm, Father Jeffrey is speaking at our Pauline Book & Media Centre about living St. Paul’s message today. I love listening to Father Jeffrey because he is so grounded in reality and combines humor with deep insight. If you can join us, please do! But you can also check out what he has to say online:

Renowned homilist and speaker, Father Jeffrey Mickler, ssp, will guide us in an evening of reflection on the importance of St. Paul and his message for us today. Fr. Jeffrey is a member of the Society of St. Paul, priests and brothers evangelizing today’s world with the media. He holds a Ph.D. in Theology from Fordham University, and has extensive experience in communications and pastoral ministry. For the Pauline Year, Father Jeffrey is presenting a 52-part series on St. Paul for the Brooklyn Prayer Channel and Youngstown Diocese’s TV channels. He has posted over 125 videos at  Recently, Father initiated a new family-friendly website:

Join us at: Pauline Books & Media, 3022 Dufferin St., Toronto. For more information, call: 416-781-9131.


2 thoughts on “Deepen your understanding of St. Paul!

  1. A timely post — My home group is reading through Acts, and are smack dab in the middle of Paul’s final journey (including the shipwreck) to Rome! Thanks for introducing me to Father Jeffrey.


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