Lenten Grace

Lenten GraceThis is a picture of the first of three Lenten resolutions. Lenten Grace is going to be my evening reading to help me prepare for my morning meditation.

Lenten Grace is a lovely book to help us enter into the spirit of Lent. By providing a short but grounded mini-lectio on the Scripture readings for the Mass for each day of Lent, we are invited right into the season. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that many of the meditations were written by wonderful sisters of my community with whom I have lived, prayed, and worked. I have chosen this book as my way to enter more deeply into the Word of God each day of Lent.

From the write-up: “I found the daily meditations in Lenten Grace to be very reader friendly. They are brief, practical, informative, and inspirational. The time-tested format gently draws the reader to both prayer and action. What’s more, all the meditations are rooted in real life, which is, after all, the place we encounter God every day. In short, I believe Lenten Grace is an ideal companion for our Lenten journey.”    – Melannie Svoboda, SND  Author, With the Dawn Rejoicing

My second resolution is to give up…not chocolate, but attachment to my own opinion. Which is much harder for me to give up than any treat.

And my third resolution? To get back to blogging here. I’ve really missed “being” here.

I hope to hear your resolutions, too!

3 thoughts on “Lenten Grace

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    • You caught me!

      Yes, “plugging books” is an easy post for me… I think I’m doing it too much right now because I’ve got a bunch of writing projects going that are absorbing a great deal of brain-space and so I haven’t had anything left to blog with.

      But honestly, I posted yesterday’s post before I got to your comment. : )


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