Montreal World Film Fest

Montreal World Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival

What a treat and privilege it is to attend the Montreal World Film Festival! I am part of the Ecumenical Jury, and am thus able to see as many films as I can fit into a day. Even so, I am not able to see all the films I want to.

Because the festival focuses on films from around the world, the selection of films is refreshing–in  general, less commercial than in many festivals I have attended. I am enjoying the wide diversity of films–not just geographically, but especially their many perspectives.

I regret that so many of these films will not be generally available in the U.S and Canada because they have English subtitles. One of my goals in being here is to help get the word out about deserving films which do not yet have widespread distribution. As the festival progresses, I will post the top five films I have seen at the festival–with the disclaimer that I have not been able to see even half of the films offered here.

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