Ecumenical Jury Awards “Ceasefire” at Montreal World Film Festival

Ceasefire, from director Lancelot Von Naso (Germany)
wins the Ecumenical Prize

at the 33rd Montreal’s World Film Festival
Special mention given to Tony Gatlif’s


Montreal – Monday, September 7, 2009. As chosen by the six members of the Ecumenical Jury, coming this year from Austria, Canada, United-States and Italy, the Ecumenical Prize is awarded to German director Lancelot von Naso’s Ceasefire (Waffenstillstand).

The jury justifies its choice as follows:
«During a 24-hour ceasefire between US and Moudjahidin forces, a medical convoy including two journalists, risk their lives to bring supplies to a hospital in war-torn Fallujah, Iraq. Ceasefire is a timely film where the physical journey parallels the inner transformation of the characters who go to their limits to help others under the most extreme circumstances. The Jury believes this film deserves the Ecumenical prize because of its focus on human suffering in war, and because it offers a different perspective from the usual war reporting. First-time feature director Lancelot Von Naso skillfully places the viewer directly into the situation of the protagonists through the cinematography. The movie challenges the audience to examine their perspective on the consequences of war and our responsibility in the face of human suffering.»

A Special Mention has been given to Korkoro, by Tony Gatlif. The jury declares:

«Korkoro recalls the neglected story of the persecution of the Roma people during World War II. Set in rural France, this lyrical film explores the themes of freedom, community, courage, and responsibility in the face of cruel oppression. The Jury commend the director Tony Gatlif, for a nuanced portrayal of the complex relationship between different cultures, and the cost of compassion on the part of those who welcome the outsider.»
The Ecumenical Prize aims at promoting movies that distinguish themselves not only by their artistic merit, but also by their exploration of the ethical, social and spiritual values that make life human. This Prize is awarded jointly by the Protestant and Catholic International Organizations, INTERFILM  ( and SIGNIS (

Presided by Julia Laggner (Austria),  the 2009 Jury was composed of: Marie Paul Curley (United States) ; Connie Purvis (Canada) ; Gabriella Lettini (Italy) ; Niquette Delage (Canada) and Edward McNulty (United States). The Jury in Montreal is coordinated by Interfilm-Montreal and by Communications et Société (, the member association of SIGNIS for French-speaking Canada.

For more information on the Ecumenical Jury in Montreal, with the list of all the winners since 1979, visit

Source:            Niquette Delage
General Manager, Communications et Société (514) 524-8223, ext. 202


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