Presented my book last night


Last night, I talked about my new book, Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes–52 Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem, to a very attentive group of about 20 people. Several had already bought my book; most people had met me at some point at our PBM center.

I was very nervous because, no matter how I prepared, I couldn’t seem to get a structure to the talk that flowed cohesively. I find that the organization of material is key to a strong presentation. Many speakers have good things to say, but it makes much more of an impact if the presentation hangs together well and touches the heart. Finally, around noon yesterday, it started to come together. Which didn’t leave me a lot of time to practice, but at least I felt good about the way I was approaching the material.

People were very attentive and serious–perhaps that was because the topic is both personal and can go kind of deep. I got the sense from the feedback that reflecting on how our self-esteem affects our spiritual lives and our relationship with God (especially in accepting God’s love for us–and vice versa) was something that many hadn’t thought about before. This is the way my book is unique, I think–in trying to offer an integrated approach to both.

This holistic approach to holiness is not something I can take credit for. It really comes from our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, whose feastday was, appropriately, yesterday. And my take on his holistic spirituality comes from the sisters I’ve shared my vocation with for 20 years…most especially my novice and juniorate formators, and sisters I’ve worked closely with over the years, which is why I dedicated the book to my community.

Thank you, sisters!


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