So often, as Christmas approaches, we think that we must “force” ourselves to be happy, or at the very least, to seem happy–whether we feel happy or not. Especially when we are having a difficult time, “Tis the season to be jolly” can become a guilt-trip for some of us. How do we celebrate Christmas in the midst of difficulties–illness, the death of a loved one, a painful disagreement in the family, or a job loss?

True Christian joy is not superficial high spirits, but is about recognizing God’s love for us in our lives–even in the sorrowful moments. In this visual meditation on her website, Sr. Sharon shares with us how she finds daily joy, in all the circumstances of her life.

An authentic celebration of Christmas is not giddy glee, but a simple recognition of God’s loving presence with us–in every circumstance. Enjoy the meditation!


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