Christmas Joy!

All of us sisters enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s a special time for our community, since we’ve all been together less than two weeks! What a great joy to start “building” our Toronto community’s life together by prayer focused on the Incarnation–God’s ultimate and most perfect Act of Communication with humanity!

I also wanted to let you know that I’m back in blogging mode, but you may not see regular posts right away because I’m working on putting up additional material that readers of my newest book, See Yourself Through God’s Eyes, might enjoy and find helpful. First, I’ve put up a page actually explaining the book itself here, and then I’ve put up sample meditations here. I also want to put up a short “author talk” and some audio visuals, as well as a feedback forum where readers can comment and offer their own insights.

I hope you have a very blessed Christmas season. You are in my prayers!

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