Death of a Storyteller

Death of  a Storyteller is NCR’s interesting article about Ralph McInerny, a profoundly Catholic writer who wrote across many fields and genres–fiction (remember the Father Dowling mysteries?), philosophy, apologetics, poetry–all while having a brilliant academic career and being a loving husband and father.

I haven’t read anything he has written beyond a few articles, but now I’ve decided to check out one of his many mystery novels. What I find most fascinating is that his call and dreams of being a writer were fulfilled–but in ways completely unexpected. I’m also noting how he squeezed in time to write–in the magic hours of 10 pm to midnight.

Perhaps because I struggle to find a daily time to write, and because I also write in several very different fields, I find it encouraging to know just a little bit more about this prolific Catholic author.


2 thoughts on “Death of a Storyteller

  1. Sister (my sister), As I recall Ralph McInerny either wrote or was interviewed about writing a few years ago-maybe a Crisis Magazine article (now If I find it, I will send it on.



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