An asceticism for communicators

The other day I was blogging about not having the satisfaction of seeing results–most of the time–as a writer, and I mentioned how our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, used to talk about the “anonymity” of being a communicator for Christ.

Here is a short excerpt from a conference he gave in 1965, towards the end of his life:

“In your mission, most of the time you do not even have the consolation of seeing its fruits. Therefore, work in humility, and the day will come when all will be revealed.”

And from a collection of excerpts from his writings on the media:
“In life, you will not see the good done, day by day, week by week. You will not know to which people you have brought a ray of light…. We do not have this satisfaction.”

Elsewhere, the Founder talks about the great faith needed to be a communicator for Christ–and I’ve come to believe that, along with an unwavering commitment to the Gospel truth and a pastoral heart, this special kind of deep faith is essential to our spirituality.

4 thoughts on “An asceticism for communicators

  1. How right you are Sister. As writers, we sow the seeds. It’s human nature to want to be the one who reaps the harvest, though an occasional ear of corn is sufficient to keep me going 😉

    God Bless


    • Yes, sowing the seeds is a great image. A farm or a garden would be a great image of writing as well.

      May an “ear of corn” appear on your table soon!


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