Praying for the Media

I was browsing through the writings of our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, and came across this little gem of a passage about a three-fold way to pray for film. I think his words are even more true today than when he wrote them. And we can substitute any form of the media and his words still apply.

Bl. James Alberione

1. Prayer of praise and gratitude to God for the benefits that accrue to humanity with this gift of his power and wisdom, [cinema].

Cinema is a gift of God’s munificence to humanity, a priceless medium of instruction and apostolate: “A good movie can make a deeper impression than a sermon.”

2. Prayer of atonement for the ruin that the cinema causes and has caused for so many people.

Many motion pictures portray scenes and events that excite the senses and provoke the passions, or tend to give a wrong impression of life, of the family and of marriage. But it is especially on children and youngsters that immoral and tasteless movies exert such a bad influence!

Let us therefore implore God’s mercy on those who misuse the cinema to the detriment of souls purchased by Jesus Christ at the cost of his Blood: movie producers, actors and managers, irresponsible viewers and neglectful parents.

3. Prayer of supplication to beseech God that such progress of the arts and science, acknowledged as a real gift of God, be directed to his glory and to the salvation of people’s souls.

[Prayer] to beseech God’s light on parents, teachers and viewers, and on all those whose aim is to raise the educational standards and moral values of motion pictures.

[Note: Implied here, of course, is intercessory prayer for all of those who work in the media, which Father Alberione speaks of a great deal in other places. It’s interesting to note that Alberione especially focuses on those who want to do good with the media–which is why we, as Daughters of St. Paul, pray especially for media professionals who seek to use the media with integrity and to uplift human dignity.]


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