Holy Week Prayer – for Palm Sunday

All of you, my valued blog readers, have been very patient with me as I’ve worked on creating a chunk of new content under the resources section. Some of it is ready to put up, some of it isn’t. But what is ready to go up are some prayers to grow in trust in God’s love for us, as a kind of “online appendix” to my book, See Yourself Through God’s Eyes. These prayers can be helpful if we’re trying to root our identity in God’s love for us. But these prayers can also be a way for those of us who write or who work in communication to bring together our work and our prayer during this Holy Week. I’ll try to put a new prayer every day this week to make up for my recent “intermittent presence.”

It is always hard to trust in God’s love when the shadow of the cross seems to be looming over us. This week, as the liturgy helps us to enter into Christ’s experience of suffering, death, and resurrection, his saving cross “looms” over us. But this cross, Christ’s cross, is nothing to be afraid of. Christ’s cross is the most amazing testament to God’s love for us. As we stand and witness this tremendous love, we can feel awe, unworthiness and even shame. But Jesus didn’t wait for us until we became good before he gave his life for us. In Christ Jesus, God shows his love for us…as we are.

Prayer of an Earthen Vessel

(cf. 2 Corinthians)
My God, why did you choose this earthen dish
misshapen and unfinished
even the lacquer uneven.
This hardened clay vessel,
bubbled and stained by struggle,
seems unworthy to carry sparkling life to others.
Yet you delight in using
flawed and humble utensils.
Is it the cracks that make the earthenware
unique and precious in your sight,
made valuable by its double awareness
of its imperfections and its role to serve?

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