Monday of Holy Week

The Gospel reading for today’s liturgy has always captured my imagination–Mary’s gift of anointing Jesus’ feet with a perfumed nard and then drying them with her hair (cf. John 12:1-11). What a touching gesture, a communication of love from her heart–and Jesus, the Master Communicator, reads the gesture for what it truly is.

As a writer I work with words, but silence and gestures are ways to communicate that can be more powerful than any words. This week, we ponder the ultimate “gesture” of love – Jesus giving his life for us. My own small prayer in response to this is to accept and believe in his love.

I Believe in Love Credo

I believe…
That You, my God, are good, gentle and loving, and that You love me personally, with a tremendous love
That You not only want but will my good, what is best for me
That You are with me, working in me and for me even when I feel alone
That You are bringing me a future full of hope;
That You lead me on a path that leads to life!


One thought on “Monday of Holy Week

  1. I, too, find this Gospel reading to be among the most moving. I imagine her gestures are as touching to Our Lord in His humanity as those of Veronica as he walked towards Golgatha.


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