Tuesday of Holy Week

One of the tragic themes underlying Holy Week is betrayal. I remember when I was younger and didn’t know myself as well, Judas’ betrayal seemed unfathomable to me. Now, with more insight into the human condition–and myself–I realize that betrayal is all too possible for all of us.

And that’s why, God’s ultimate fidelity, revealed particularly through his mercy, can be such a strength and a comfort, especially when we are confronted with suffering and our own weaknesses.

Prayer to the Good Shepherd

God, tenderly loving Shepherd,
remind me that you are here with me.
you walk with me and will lend an arm when I stumble,
will love me when others laugh at me,
will love me in my ridiculous weakness.
You will still want me to lay bare my soul to you the next time I pray.
I need to know you won’t stop nurturing me:
physically, spiritually, creatively.
I need to be able to trust beyond a doubt
that you will never abandon me,
that you’ll never despise me for being silly or weak,
that you’ll never give up on me,
that you’ll continue to work in me,
shine through me, warm my heart,
wherever I am,
whatever I do,
no matter how I fail.
I keep thinking you need me to be faithful–
but that’s really what I want of you.

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