Good Friday – Prayer in Darkness

For our community prayer this week, I used several Scripture passages as well as a beautiful painting. Sieger Koder is an amazing artist who has painted some wonderful Biblical scenes. The scene that I used was entitled “Amen” and is published in the book, The Folly of God, published by the Daughters of St. Paul in England, and available in the U.S. as well as at (I highly recommend the book as a wonderful way to pray the Stations of the Cross.)

The painting “Amen,” which you can see if you follow that link, inspired some very profound reflections from the sisters with regard to how we can be united to Christ in our sufferings.

Prayer in Darkness

My Jesus, hold me and be with me.
Help me discover who you are for me…
and who you are calling me to become.
Who are you?
Tell me. Show me. Be with me.
Gently teach me to trust you
so that I can trust you for the rest of my life
Help me know, on some deep level,
that you are the Soul of my soul,
the Love of my life,
the Meaning of my being,
the Grace and Joy of all life
the Faithful One.
Be with me.
Gently whisper
how much you love me.
Help me to see the sunshine
as well as the darkness.

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