Waiting Focused on the Lord

As I entered into Holy Week, I was distracted and focused on certain deadlines. Making retreat with the entire Church during the Triduum–with a special, silent day on Good Friday–has allowed me to once again re-center and re-focus. And that’s very helpful for Holy Saturday, which seems to be a day of when the Church holds her breath, waiting.

One of the passages I prayed with this week was Lamentations 3, which says that it is good to wait on the Lord. And yet, waiting can be such a hard thing to do, especially for those of us who can think of a million other things we could be doing. Yet, by slowing us down, waiting can bring us “out of our head” and into the present moment.

So, this Holy Saturday, as I wait, I want to keep it simple. Focused on the Lord. Here is one prayer that is short, almost like a mantra that I can repeat through the day, that helps me to stay in the present while I wait on the Lord.

A Simple Prayer

God, let me find my home in your Heart.


4 thoughts on “Waiting Focused on the Lord

  1. I can very much relate to that. There were a lot of times when I couldn’t wait, when I wanted to do something productive, even if I know God wants me to wait on Him and let Him act. I’ve learned that such efforts are futile however, and I only end up exhausted, even asking God why He did not bless my efforts. There is a time for everything, and when God tells us to wait and rest, we should not take matters into our own hands, but let Him bless us and shower us with His gifts. 🙂


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