Inspiration for Writing

This is one of my favorite quotations from the Founder of the Pauline Family, Blessed James Alberione. He was prolific in his writing, preaching, and many initiatives to transform the world with the Gospel.

Queen of Apostles

“The writer-apostle must conform to the Bible as the model book. God created man and knows very well how his heart is made. God’s Word corresponds to the deepest needs of the human heart.”

Alberione didn’t only share in the Church’s faith that the Bible is God’s Revelation for us, but he also saw the Bible as a model for writers and communicators (I’m also thinking of the Biblical films that he produced). For him, the Bible wasn’t just a literary model, but a model in that God’s Word speaks deeply to the heart…and as writers/communicators, we are called also to connect deeply with those for whom we write.

This stained glass window of Mary reading the Bible is also depicting Pentecost, which is a key moment in Mary’s life that Father Alberione highlighted for us. He prayed to Mary under the title “Queen of Apostles” (with the understanding that every baptized Christian is an apostle–someone who bears witness to Christ). Since the novena to the feast of Mary, Queen of Apostles, starts tomorrow, I’ll try to find some quotations to share about Mary as a model for us as artists, writers, and communicators of Christ.


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