Praying with Technology

Rosary Miracle Prayer App Screenshot

Rosary Miracle Prayer App

I just can’t resist posting a link to this wonderful review of our new Rosary Miracle Prayer App at I was so happy when we decided to pursue this project, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. You can get an idea of the many ways the App helps you to pray the Rosary with these screenshots. It’s available from the iTunes store!

Again, this is one of my growing list of reasons where I might want to get an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Recently, Sr. Bernadette, a sister from my community, visited a retreat house that has very strict rules with regard to cell phones, MP3 players, etc. Because she was a sister, they didn’t think to ask her to turn in her cell phone during her stay. When she arose early in the morning, she sat in a corner and began using a digital copy of my book, See Yourself Through God’s Eyes, on her Blackberry. One of the coordinators of the retreat house saw her and began to gently chide her for using her cell phone. Spontaneously, Sr. Bernadette blurted out, “But I was making meditation!”

Fascinated, the coordinator immediately wanted to know what she meant, so Sr. Bernadette showed her how she was reading the Scripture passage and meditation right off the screen. The coordinator was fascinated by how new technology could be used for prayer.


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