Mass for Catholic Media and Entertainment Professionals a Success

On Monday, June 21st, Archbishop Collins celebrated the Eucharist with a small gathering of Catholic media and entertainment professionals from the Toronto area. He invited us to make this our “first annual” gathering, so I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

About 30 people representing a wide variety of the arts and various industries came over to the hall after Mass for the simple reception. Hopefully, we can build momentum and get the word out to more media professionals for next year.

I really enjoyed Archbishop Collins’ homily when he talked about our call to be “builders of bridges to communion”–both because we are baptized, but also because we work in media. It was a good reminder of the power that the media and the arts have to influence the minds and hearts in society.

Related to this event, the Catholic Press Association and the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals hosted the Catholic Media Convention June 2-4 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve attended some of these conventions in the past, and they usually have some interesting presentations. One in particular caught my eye and might be of interest to other media professionals, so I’ve linked to it here: Bishop Gavino Zavala’s talk, What Does It Mean To Be a Faithful Catholic Media Organization in the 21st Century? In particular, I like Bishop Zavala’s point that Catholic media can offer a “model” to the secular media of how to communicate information in a way that builds communion.


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