New Pauline Blog

I’m keeping up with a pretty intense writing schedule and finding that it’s quite do-able, juggling all the other stuff and a writing life. In the past, when I’ve done this much writing over several weeks, (a good 3-4 hours a day, pretty much going all-out, nonstop), I feel more like I’m the scene of a huge tug-of-war, with the writing pulling me in one direction and the rest of my life pulling me in the exact opposite. But this time, while it’s a challenge to stay focused, I’m limiting my “extra” activities–or at least putting them off for a while–and finding that I can still juggle at least some of my other activities reasonably well.

I attribute this change mostly to God’s grace, but also to the way that I’m paying more attention to what I need as a writer, and balancing out the other aspects of my life. My understanding community has allowed me to make some adjustments in the community schedule so I have one really strong, uninterrupted writing day (Thursday). Other things that seem to be helping is that my free moments are taken up with research for the writing that I’m doing, so I’m really immersed in the project. (I actually dreamed about it the past couple of nights…which is unusual for me.) It probably hasn’t hurt that the weather is so cold that I don’t really feel tempted to go out a whole lot.

The other thing I’ve done is focus my writing time on just this one writing project. Usually I have two going, and usually that works well for me. But when I’m writing against a tight deadline, this “immersion” in the one project seems to be really helping.

I’m hoping to keep this up for the next four to five weeks, so some of my next posts may be short, or pointing you to other good resources. The first resource I wanted to share with you is a new blog, Pauline Faithways, developed by a Daughter of St. Paul, Sr. Margaret Obrovac. It has lots of cool stuff about the latest happenings, and what’s up with our efforts to develop our media mission in these rapidly changing times. Plus, Sr. Margaret’s writing is a pleasure to read. I hope you take the opportunity to visit it.



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