2nd Corinthians Reveals How Paul Is a Communicator for Christ

I’ve been praying over the past few months with Saint Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians, using the Sacra Pagina series, which takes the reader deep into the text and provides word for word analysis as well as commentary.

I am not a Scripture scholar, and do not know Greek, so I don’t understand all of the analysis. But what I like is the depth that this well-written volume by Jan Lambrecht, SJ, takes me to in reflecting on 2 Corinthians. I find two aspects of the book extremely helpful:

1) the way the Letter is divided into short, themed passages that allow me to take my time with each, going into it very deeply

2) the unique, fresh translation, whose choices are explained right in the analysis

Many people consider Second Corinthians one of Saint Paul’s most personal letters. For me, it’s a revealing look at Paul’s sense of his own identity, experiences and attitudes as an apostle. Because it’s a very personal letter, it also gives us a sense of Paul’s relationship with those to whom he proclaimed Christ.

I think 2 Corinthians might be a great place to reflect more deeply on Paul as a communicator for Christ. What strikes me immediately is the richness and variety of the ways Paul describes his ministry. More on that coming soon…


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