Chastity in the Media

You might have heard that on January 25, the Canadian Catholic Bishops published a Pastoral Letter to Young People on Chastity. The letter is easy to read, presented in a visually attractive way, and broken down into short sections so it’s easy to absorb. Overall, I think it’s a clear and succinct presentation on chastity for Catholics today.

The letter includes a couple of short paragraphs about how chastity can be lived in each state in life. Perspectives, Salt and Light TV’s weekly discussion show, had a panel last week talking about chastity from the single person’s perspective. This week, they are doing a show on chastity from the perspective of marriage and consecrated life. I’m a guest on the show, so I hope you get a chance to tune in, either on TV when it airs live on Friday, February 11 at 7 pm, or online. You can also watch the show after it airs on the show’s archive page. I’d enjoy hearing your comments after you see it–one of the most difficult things about a discussion show like Perspectives is feeling that we only scratch the surface of such a huge topic. What would you have liked us to discuss?

As a result of the show, I’ve been reflecting on chastity all week, even trying to come up with some mainstream movies that either present chastity as a virtue or that include a chaste lifestyle as a viable option in its worldview. (For the moment, I’m excluding films that focus on priesthood and religious life–that’s another list for another time.) The best example I can come up with is Walk To Remember, which is still a favorite movie of many young teenage girls.

Sexuality is so misunderstood today that for many films, it is an accomplishment if a couple waits to have sex within the context of real love. The understanding of sexuality as sacred, as the ultimate expression of love between husband and wife, is scarce in popular media today. I’m going to continue looking and thinking for films that explore chastity… I appreciate any recommendations that you have, and if I come up with a good list, I’ll post it here.


3 thoughts on “Chastity in the Media

  1. I’m not sure if it is that easy any more to abstain from sex before marriage, i do think that sex should be special and only shared with a person you love, i split up with my ex last week, as she left me for someone else, i wanted my first time to be special and with the person i love, which i thought she was, now the idea of finding someone new just seems wrong and that my next girl will never be as special.



    • Dear JMK,

      I appreciate your thoughts. My blog and the document from the Catholic Bishops of Canada reflect a Catholic perspective and the wisdom that the Bible offers us. For us as Catholics, how we live our sexuality is a moral issue. But even on a simple human level, society as a whole would be much healthier if we gave each person and his or her sexuality the reverence they deserve. I will be praying for you in your difficult situation.


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