I’m back…to snow and blogging

Life kind of overtook me in mid-February. I made a big writing deadline–or almost–I was a few days late! Then last week I was at Texas A & M for our Daughters of Saint Paul meeting for those sisters who serve as vocation directors all over the U.S. and Canada. As you can imagine, it’s a very challenging role to help young people discern God’s call for them. (It’s also extremely rewarding!) We had a great series of meetings, sharing with each other, and receiving input from students and campus ministers from the amazing St. Mary’s Catholic Student Center. We also enjoyed incredible Texan hospitality, as people opened their hearts and homes to us! For a lively summary, check out our postulants’ blog. Here are some of the events we hosted.

This morning, I enjoyed reading through the Oscar wins. (Unfortunately, I missed the broadcast, but will watch it tomorrow night). I “guessed” many of the winners correctly. Maybe next year I can post my predictions…

Tonight we have a Faith & Film Evening with the theme of the Sixth Commandment. We are watching the film Lantana, and will be dialoguing about it afterwards.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular writing routine (another half-book is due at the end of March!), as well as posting here.

For any young women interested in discernment events, the Daughters around North America have a number of events coming up through the spring, so you may want to check these out!


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