I feel very blessed, surrounded by God’s abundance in many ways in these days. Several wonderful events have enriched me in the past few weeks:

Archbishop Thomas Collins speaking at Pauline Books & Media, Toronto

First, Archbishop Collins honored us with his presence at a talk and booksigning twice in the past two weeks. His new book, Pathway to Our Hearts, is a wonderful introduction to lectio divina. My favorite thing about this book–and the Archbishop’s presentation–is that he really shares from his own experience with the Scriptures, thus opening up the door for his readers and listeners, inviting them to become as familiar with, and as close to, the Scriptures.

Last night the Newman Centre, Faith Connections, and Pauline Books & Media sponsored People, Popcorn & Pondering, a faith and film night featuring the film, Gran Torino through the lens of Sunday’s Gospel: John 4:5-42 (the woman at the well). After the film, we gathered to share our insights about the film, the Scripture passage, and our own journeys of faith, and it was a wonderful evening. Tomorrow night, at PBM we are having our monthly Faith & Film Night on the theme of the Seventh Commandment, featuring Quentin Tarantino’s film, Jackie Brown.

During Lent, Sean McGaughey, a Catholic podcaster is reflecting each Monday about one of the Church’s documents on communications. Here’s a link to his post about Pope Benedict XVI’s Message for World Communications Day. (His article has some wonderful links as well.)

Finally, our sisters in Rome posted up their newest reflection for the Third Sunday of Lent, which offers many seeds for further reflection.

* * *

Even though I am only midway through my half of the manuscript of the second book I’m editing/writing on the saints, I feel that I am entering a new writing season. Kind of like the crocuses coming up in our garden, who were surprised early out of their winter hibernation by a week of warmer weather (40-50 degrees), and now seem determined to survive the cold onslaught of 14-25 degree weather of the past few days. I hope my writing can be as hardy.

The “crocuses” and “tulips” in my writing garden are not just the saints’ books that I’m currently working on. I’m already talking about my next book with my editor–a book that keeps trying to write itself and floods my mind with ideas while I am praying. (Distraction? Inspiration? I suspect a bit of both. This new book is about Eucharistic adoration, and with so many ideas flowing, I can’t wait to get started on it.)

Another early growth is my next script. I’ve already started my preparations for Script Frenzy: the story idea and main character sketches are done. But I still need to do some preliminary research, and write an outline. (As I mentioned earlier, Script Frenzy is an online contest for crazy writers [like myself] who will try to write an entire script in the month of April.)

In the next two weeks, I will be focusing primarily on the saints’ book, but it’s so exciting to see the early beginnings of each new writing project–whether I’m deliberately cultivating them, or they’re doing it “on their own.” Like the plants in our garden, they are in the hands of the Eternal Gardener, in whose care I trust to help them sprout, grow, and mature in his time.


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