Resource for Christian Writers

The days seem to flee by. I mean “flee”–they are not just flying away, they are in a hurry to leave once they are over. It’s not that I feel that I’m living at a hectic pace, though I certainly have a full schedule. It’s more that at the end of almost every day, I stop and realize, “Another day already gone? That was fast.” Yet, I’m enjoying each day as it comes and flees. I still can’t believe May is over, and now the first week of June… Perhaps one reason I don’t feel that I’m living at a hectic pace despite the escaping days is that I’m getting out to enjoy the weather, though the unseasonable jump to summer-like weather has surprised even my warmth-hungry metabolism.

As I’m walking, I’m listening to a newly-discovered free online resource. I’m not sure how I missed it before. The Act One Program (a program that offers courses and support for Christian screenwriters and producers, a program which I cannot recommend highly enough), hosted a Story Symposium in 2008, Socratic-style. They put up all the talks and panels and entitled it:  Storytelling for the 21st Century.  As I wanted some inspiration as I start a new script, I’ve been listening to a few minutes every day as I walk. It gets off to a bit of a slow start, but is absolutely wonderful for any Christian artist wrestling with narrative. If you don’t use iTunes, you can also find it here on podbean.


Word puzzles can be fun writing prompts to get me started writing. This Saturday, I used one of my favorite word puzzles as an icebreaker for our discernment day. In only twenty minutes, the four young women who joined us creatively “solved” the puzzle, although the Scrabble game we were using ran out of letters, so we added our own. Check it out:

Since the morning is disappearing quickly, I better get back to writing!


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