Feast of the Holy Trinity

Ocean, Sun & Wind--a very simple image of the Trinity. Photo by Sr. Irene Wright

The Feast of the Holy Trinity has become more and more meaningful for me as I reflect on communications spirituality. For years, I thought that the Trinity was a dogma that was beautiful and mysterious and didn’t touch my life…and wouldn’t touch my life at least not until heaven.

But over the past ten years, I’ve gradually come to realize that the Trinity has everything to do with my life now. If we take seriously that we are made in the image of God, then the reality that God is a Communion of Three Persons–Father, Son, and Spirit–is key to understanding who we are. Pope John Paul II expressed this beautifully when he talked about the human person becomes truly human and truly fulfilled only when giving him- or herself in love.

Father Robert Barron’s homily for today, God Who Is Love, says it much better than I could, calling the Trinity the “Ultimate Family.” The Trinity–the heart of our Christian faith, and the heart of our spirituality as human beings in relationship, and as communicators.


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