Change of Pace

I’m doing something that I’ve found really important to do in my life as a writer and communicator and a sister: I’m taking a break. I’m currently in Chicago taking a class; next I’m traveling to Boston to work on developing our new website, and finally, I’m taking some vacation time, and making retreat. All in all, it’s going to be a real change of pace for me, as I’ve been so immersed in writing new projects the past several months.

I hope that it will be a time of renewal and refreshment, although both the class and the work/meetings will be intense, since we’re trying to accomplish a lot in a very limited time frame. Already, I miss my morning writing sessions… Although I find writing daily very important to my writing process and productivity, sometimes simply changing the pace or taking a break can be helpful. Especially when I start to feel drained. This past week, I’d started to feel that writing had become more about will power and pushing up hill than being open to the Spirit’s inspiration. Will power is essential for getting to the chair and focusing my attention. But ideally, what happens after that–is listening, surprise, or discovery. If it feels all uphill, either I’m doing too much or it’s time for a break. So, although this trip was planned months ago, the timing is just right.

One of my challenges during this time will be to really take the break. I am in the middle of two big projects, and I find myself thinking about them–or rather, worrying about them. Worry has never helped my creative process. My goal is to put them aside for now, apart from my meetings with my editor while I’m in Boston, so that I can come back to them refreshed.

Unfortunately, this change of pace also means I’ll be blogging very infrequently in the next month. I’ll try to check in occasionally, perhaps more with photos than words.

I’m curious how others get the rest or break that they need in the midst of a heavy writing or creative  schedule. What’s that like for you?


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