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These days I am really experiencing the giftedness of my life: the gentle autumn weather (notice how the leaves are turning so gradually?), connecting with other Catholic communicators, witnessing God’s amazing work within several young women who are so generously open to the Holy Spirit.  I am also enjoying the time to write, especially in a blog format–the informality, the personableness, the way I can simply follow my deepest interests and then share those insights with others who share the same interests. These past few weeks, other kinds of writing have taken me a bit away from blogging. This post will simply be a catch-up list of some recent resources I have enjoyed and found helpful.

  • On this inspiring radio show originally aired on RadioMaria,  host Sharon DiCecco interviews Alfie Boe, a tenor with an amazing voice who starred as Jean Valjean in the 25th Anniversary Concert Performance of Les Miserables.  They talk about music as a gift and a calling, and refer frequently to Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists.
  • A writing friend pointed me to this article by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI, that provides a great deal of insight for those of us who are writing about heroes today. Rolheiser talks about how our idea of heroes has been cheapened, and how similar true heroism is to the journey of becoming truly mature spiritual adults. The ultimate model for this is Christ in the Paschal Mystery (whether the hero knows it or not): dying to self and returning ready to serve. (Thank you, David, for the link!)
  • Our new Pauline online store has been completely redeveloped. It is easy to navigate and accessible for shopping online for those in the U.S. (If you are in Canada, you can view items online, but will have to call us to place your order.)
  • If you have an iPhone or Android, the sisters in the digital department created a free app based on my book, See Yourself Through God’s Eyes. Though it’s small and simple, it is an easily-accessible reminder that God loves us for who we are. And the reminders can be shared with friends via email right from your phone (which is my favorite part of the app). You can find it here at iTunes or here at Android Market.
A few more writing resources have come my way, which I’ll post about next time.

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