Catholic New Media Conference content available online!

SQPN, Star Quest Production Network hosted the Catholic New Media Conference last weekend in Kansas City. Sr. Anne Joan Flanagan, whose blog I’ve linked to many times, was one of the keynote speakers–and she spoke beautifully about the spirituality of Blessed James Alberone. Not only can you find her keynote address recorded on video here (it starts about 30 minutes into the video that this link goes to), but you can also find a wonderful summary of the presentations/happenings here,  at participant Jeff Geerling’s blog. Here are some of the interesting topics offered: Sanctifying Mobile Technology (entire presentation by Jeff Geerling), Turning Your Web Presence into a Social Network, presented by Matt Warner, and From the Word Made Flesh to the Word Gone Digital, presented by Pat Gohn.


Our postulants also attended the CNMC, and I’m looking forward to hearing about their insights! I hope someday I will make it to the Catholic New Media Conference–next year it will be held on August 29-31, 2012, in Dallas/Fort Worth.


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