Back and Blogging!

You’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging for 13 days. The past week has been very, very full: a wonderful Come and See Discernment Weekend from Friday to Sunday, sandwiched by practically non-stop meetings with Sr. Margaret Michael, Vocation Director for the Daughters of St. Paul. (We stopped for prayer and sleep…but we continued meeting even while we ate!) Sr. Margaret and I work closely together, but only see each other twice a year, so it’s a joy to meet “face to face.”

Just as it’s a joy to visit a friend face to face, so it’s a special joy to visit the Lord  “face to face” in the Eucharist. One of our visitors on our last retreat could not get over sleeping under the same roof with the Blessed Sacrament chapel. It is a very unique privilege and one I hope never to take for granted. Closeness should be something that fosters love and appreciation, but often it gradually prevents appreciation or even simple attention.

New App for New Mass

The new prayers and responses in the revised English Roman Missal is going to prevent all of us from taking the Eucharistic Celebration for granted. Our sisters have been working hard to help people  prepare–not just to memorize the new responses, but to take advantage of the “newness” to reflect on the power and beauty of what we celebrate at every Mass.

Our new app for the iPhone is called iMass Explained–and it’s a wonderful resource for adults and kids who are wondering about the changes or simply want to deepen their appreciation of the Mass.

On Youtube, Sr. Anne Joan Flanagan, fsp, gives some wonderful reflections on the new liturgy. She has six short videos up; this is the first, and well worth watching:

I can’t seem to get the embed to work, so here’s the link:

I’ll be back in a day or two (once I’ve caught up on sleep) to start posting again regularly. And I’ll also continue with my unique “take” on NaNoWriMo. I’ve discovered that there’s a whole “category” of NaNoWriMo “rebels” who, like me, use the energy of NaNoWriMo to fuel their projects that are not 50,000 word novels. One reason I’m a rebel is that I knew I wouldn’t be writing last week and so couldn’t make it to 50,000 words. But the other reason is that I really want to finish my current screenplay before moving on to a new project, which will be my next nonfiction book. Maybe then I’ll get to that novel.


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