I want to apologize for the not correctly putting in the links to the articles on my last post. The links are fixed now, so hopefully you will be able to enjoy Sr. Kathryn’s reflection on silence during these last days of Advent!

In October, I posted about a new book by Christine Valters Paintner entitled, The Artist’s Rule: a Twelve-Week Journey: nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom. In the past few days I’ve browsed a few of the online articles that Christine has posted, and I was especially delighted with: “Responding to Beauty’s Call: The Shape of an Aesthetic Spirituality”, a wonderful summing up of beauty as the “heart” of an artistic vocation. She quotes many of my favorite artists/writers: Blessed John Paul, Thomas Merton, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and Frederick Buechner. Her website is full of resources for Catholic artists; I encourage you to visit it. One of her latest posts offers Practices for the 12 Days of Christmas.  

These days of Advent waiting just before Christmas, our days can fill with busyness, even “franticness.” (For some of us, Christmas becomes a deadline rather than a a sacred moment.) Without letting go of the lovely ways that you plan to celebrate Christmas, I encourage you to squeeze in five minutes here and there to take a break from the pressing concerns of the moment. It could be a quick walk, a quiet moment to pray the Angelus, or just a few minutes with a family member or friend–to savor God’s presence in your life right now. There are so many ways that God wants to “be” with us–but we don’t take the time to see or hear. Let us spend these last few days of Advent truly “awake” to prepare our hearts to savor more profoundly the love of Christ come in the guise of a little Child.


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