Jesus as Our Way of Communication

Happy New Year!

I apologize for not posting more frequently these past two weeks. I’ve been writing daily on my new book on the Eucharist, and preparing a class on the Pauline mission for our postulants which I will be teaching next week. Actually, preparing the class for our postulants (who have a lovely blog which both inspires and shares what the life of a postulant is really like) has given me oodles of ideas for this blog, I just haven’t had time to jot them down.

One idea that has revisited me is to explore more deeply the spirituality of communication by looking at Jesus as our Way of Communication (as well as continuing my reflections on St. Paul as Communicator, from the perspective of 2 Corinthians.) Some years ago, I prayed through the Gospel according to John and reflected on Jesus’ words and examples as a model for my communication. So I’ll start off the new year by posting my first prayer in a chaplet to Jesus, Divine Master-Communicator, inspired by the Gospel of John and Communio et Progressio, #11. I wrote this prayer a number of years ago and shared it with the sisters of my community. It’s quite simple, but I share it here in the hopes that it will inspire your reflections and prayers as a communicator. (And again, I invite you to share your insights–either on my blog’s comments, or on facebook.)

I. The First Disciples (cf. John 2:35-40)

Jesus, Divine Master, at your first opportunity to gather disciples, you did not lecture them or test them. Instead, your first words to them was a question about their concerns: “What are you looking for?” You understood that they weren’t just looking for intellectual knowledge, nor for a great teacher. You looked into their hearts and asked them what they really sought—and they answered you because you were truly listening. You responded by inviting them to experience your life with you….

Jesus, we thank you for the many examples of profound communication which you have given us in the Gospel. Grant that our hearts may be truly open to the cries of humanity. May we understand the yearnings of the hearts of men and women today, and seek to touch others’ lives by pointing the way to a full experience of union with you.


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