Gift of Beauty

I’ve been reflecting on the power of beauty for a class that I’m taking. In my life, the link between beauty and prayer feels pretty direct, like an arrow’s flight that pierces the heart. This past week in Toronto, we have had a full week of June-like weather. (March usually brings snow flurries, not 75 degree weather!) I’ve been spending as much time outdoors as possible, reveling in the unexpected warmth. Two days ago, I saw a mallard duck out on the river, and the sunlight reflected off his head in a shimmer of brilliant green. Instantly, I was pierced. Tears filled my eyes and a profound sense of gratitude filled my heart for the gift of this moment of beauty.

I hope that a few of my words will shimmer brilliantly enough to bring tears and draw a pierced heart closer to God.

Recently, I joined the Catholic Writers Guild and signed up for their Catholic Writers Conference Online, which has seven days of online courses and seven days of scheduled chats (running this week and next). I am really enjoying the several classes I’m taking–one of which is about “sprucing up” your blog, so hopefully you’ll share the benefits of the class.



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