Links to Nourish the Soul

I’m not sure how I’ve fallen so far behind, but the number of my blog posts has fallen off lately. As I get myself back on track, I want to point out a couple of great links from our own sisters that you won’t want to miss.

The Media Redeemed is a lovely blog post at Pauline Faithways by Daughter of St. Paul Sr. Margaret Joseph, reporting on a retreat for members of the Pauline Family. Her latest post highlights some ways to think about and celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday (tomorrow), linking the theme of Divine Mercy with the figure of Jesus as our Way, Truth, and Life.

Pauline Books & Media just released Cherished by the Lord, a beautiful new book by Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes (a dear friend and Daughter of St. Paul) that is a perfect follow-up for readers of my book, See Yourself Through God’s Eyes. She shares one of the meditations and some of the features of the book. More meditations (video versions) are posted here. I’m in the middle of developing a richer version of the readers’ guide for See Yourself Through God’s Eyes–I’m so excited to finally take the time to finish writing it and putting it up online for a free download.


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