St. Paul’s Communication Qualities Revealed in 2 Corinthians

Monday Musing with St. Paul

Last year, I intended to do a series of posts on how St. Paul reveals–directly or indirectly–his “style” as a communicator for Christ in his 2nd Letter to the Corinthians. In defending his apostleship in 2nd Corinthians, St. Paul reveals key qualities for the communicator  for Christ. I hope to explore the following communicative qualities one by one through the next few Mondays:

  • Focused on receiver/audience. In modern Pauline terms, we would talk about making the receiver the starting point of our communication. (2 Cor. 1)
  • Reliability/fidelity: As Jesus is God’s “yes” to humanity, so we are called to allow God’s “yes” to come through us. (2 Cor 1-2)
  • Attractive/inviting. Paul uses the image of the apostle as the “aroma” of Christ. (2 Cor 2-3)
  • Transparency and openness. (The “light” in our hearts, who is Christ, is to shine out to everyone.) (2 Cor. 4)
  • Grace in weakness–power and fragility intertwined. (2 Cor. 4, 10, 11, 13)
  • Filled with hope: offering a perspective based on eternity. (2 Cor. 4-5)
  • Representatives of God who above all seek reconciliation. (2 Cor. 5)
  • Incarnational (2 Cor. 10)
  • Loving, like the self-giving love of a parent for a child (2 Cor. 12)
  • Experiencing the mystery of grace: “My grace is enough for you.”  (Theme of entire letter)

I hope that these reflections will reinvigorate my own desire to communicate in an always more Christ-like way.


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