World Communications Day 2012

Sunday, May 20th is World Communications Day. Isn’t that cool–a day dedicated by the Church to reflecting on how we communicate? Communication is a big word nowadays, encompassing everything from connection with one’s inner life (how we communicate with ourselves), to how we use our words, to social media, and to everything in between.

Pope Benedict XVI offers us a wonderful reflection each year; this year’s message is: Silence and Word: Path for Evangelization. One sister posts her own reflections about the importance of silence in The Sounding Silence. Our sisters put together some highlights from the letter here, or you can watch it below. In a world with this much noise, for meaningful communication we need silence more than ever.


One thought on “World Communications Day 2012

  1. “Silence” was the main theme of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s 21st World Communications Day on May 18th. Follow this link to view highlights of the event on “Currents” (forward 21:57 into show):

    A write up on the event is here:

    Twitter was a major part of the event; participants tweeted during & after the event:!/DeSalesMedia

    DeSales Media Group is the Diocese of Brooklyn’s new company that combines The Tablet newspaper (, New Evangelization Television ( & CTN Brooklyn (schools),


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