Mary’s Month

Mary’s month has been extraordinarily full so far, with lots of writing and many other events, including the untimely demise of my cell phone, my goddaughter’s First Communion, a stomach flu that visited 2/3 of my community, a visit with our provincial superior, a wonderfully organized vocations awareness day for leading high school students at the York District Catholic School Board, the novena for one of our big Pauline feasts, Mary Queen of Apostles (her feastday is the Saturday before Pentecost), and an enriching session of our Discernment Mini-Course last Saturday. That’s all good news.

Please note that these events are not listed in order of importance. If you’re wondering how the demise of my cell phone is good news…I have a wonderful replacement which not only actually works, but is also a serious upgrade–I can now text with ease and link to my calendar, email, etc.

The bad news, of course, is that I’ve not been present here on the blog as much as I’ve liked. In the next few weeks, I hope to make up for the neglect, offering a little more news and a few more reflections than usual.

First of all, here’s an update on my writing. This week, I’m finishing up the last chapter of the book on the lives of the saints that I’m co-authoring with another Daughter of St. Paul, Sr. Mary Lea Hill. Every saint’s life has been wonderful to delve into. I’ve enjoyed writing these books very much, but the research required has been quite substantial and more time-consuming than I’d expected.

I’m two-thirds of the way through a rough draft of a new book on the Eucharist. I’m still struggling to see if I’ve found the best format, so I’ve submitted two chapters to a few readers for feedback, even in its rough state. (If you are interested in reading a chapter of my book and answering a few questions, contact me here–I’d love to get a few more opinions on it!)

A couple of those readers are from the Catholic Writers’ Guild, which I recently joined to have a place to “hang out” with other Catholic writers. The CWG is actually my first Catholic writers’ group, and I’m totally enjoying myself! If you are a Catholic writer and looking for support for your writing and your faith, I recommend the CWG. I’m still new and finding my way, but I will make sure to continue to blog about my experience. My favorite so far has been the free Catholic Writers Conference Online this past March. The free classes and chats were amazing and very helpful, both from a fiction and nonfiction writing perspective.

The Catholic Writers Guild is holding their annual live conference in Arlington, TX, on August 29-31, 2012, in conjunction with the Catholic New Media Conference and the Catholic Marketing Network. I am unable to attend this year, but I wish I could! Here’s the blurb:

This year’s conference will be focused on “Writing and the New Evangelization.” Our vocation calls us to write, but what do we do then? Our conference allows you to connect personally with Catholic publishers and retailers, to learn more about the art, show your work, learn the craft and network. 


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