Eucharist: Heart of All True Communication

I will be contemplating all weekend how Jesus in the Eucharist is the ultimate Font and Model of all true communication–a giving of self in love. The Eucharistic virtues of hiddenness, humility, silence, availability, presence–these are all “communications virtues”!

I recently found this quote from the Founder of the Pauline Family, Blessed James Alberione, that is appropriate for today’s feast of Corpus Christi. I’m planning to use it in my new book on the Eucharist:

We need a blood transfusion… There must be communication, union, between the heart of Jesus and your heart–our heart–so that his divine blood will flow into us until little by little our blood is replaced by his. When this union, this total fusion between our will and his will takes place, then, to put it briefly, our will is replaced with the will of Jesus; our feelings are replaced with the feelings of Jesus. We live in Jesus–this is love! We are lost in Jesus. It is no longer I who think, it is no longer I who feel; it is no longer I who act. It is Jesus in me! It is Christ who lives in me!

The Heart of the universe, our lives, and of all true communication: Jesus in the Eucharist.


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