Novena to St. Paul

Since June 30 is the Pauline Feast of St. Paul (the day after the entire Church celebrates the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul), today (June 21) begins our Novena to St. Paul. Today also begins the Fortnight to Freedom, which the U.S. Bishops ask us to reflect on and pray for religious freedom. (The reflections offered fit well for the situation in Canada as well!) On her blog, paulinefaithways, Sr. Margaret Josephs presents a novena to pray to St. Paul adapted especially for the Fortnight to Freedom. I invite you to join the Sisters and Pauline collaborators in praying this novena!

Another way to pray with St. Paul during his novena is to use Pope Benedict XVI’s recent General Audience reflections, which have as their themes the prayers in St. Paul’s letters. This is the conclusion to the first of his talks on this theme (May 16):

St Paul teaches us that in our prayer we must open ourselves to the presence of the Holy Spirit, who prays in us with sighs too deep for words, to lead us to adhere to God with all our heart and with all our being. The Spirit of Christ becomes the strength of our “weak” prayers, the light of our “darkened” prayer, the fire of our “barren” prayer, giving us true inner freedom, teaching us to live facing the trials of existence, in the certainty of not being alone, opening us to the horizons of humanity and of creation which “has been groaning in travail” (Rom 8:22). 

(For the rest of the talk, visit:


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