Catholics Using New Media

The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) has been reporting on U.S. Catholics’ use of media since 2005. They have just released the results of their latest poll on Catholics using the new media, as commissioned by the U.S. Catholic Bishops. The report is available online here, and gives many insights, both for those of us who use digital media, and those of us who write for digital media.

And I have a happy update for our Pauline Books & Media ministry here in Canada. The newest music of the Daughters of St. Paul Choir is now available on the iTunes store in Canada! So if you, like me, have been waiting to download the newest albums, you can! Our sisters’ choir has a variety of styles, described as: Catholic Favorites, Chant, and Christmas. My favorite album up is Favorite Marian Hymns. (You can find us by searching under music for “Daughters of St. Paul”.)

Here is a video trailer of one of our “new chant” albums, Adoremus Te:


3 thoughts on “Catholics Using New Media

  1. The link does work and the report is a basic media research report, which I thought was more of interest to those in the media industry. The big question is what should Catholic broadcasters do with the information? When will the church start to create or fund the creation of more relevant content?

    I read some Catholic blogs, but seek out other denominations for online radio since other groups do a much better job meeting my needs and educating as a Christian.


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