Thanksgiving for 2012

I have many special reasons to feel blessed by the Lord at the end of 2012


  • My 25th Jubilee of Religious Profession
  • Making the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius  and all the graces that continue to flow from this month-long retreat (I really need to blog about this once-in-a-lifetime experience…soon!)
  • Teaching a course on the Pauline mission to our postulants (of the Daughters of St. Paul–three of whom have gone on to become novices)
  • Meeting so many wonderful people. This is true most years, but it’s something to thank God for every year.
  • New and deepened friendships (you know who you are!)
  • Discovering and joining the Catholic Writers Guild
  • Completing two half-books (on the saints) and finishing the rough draft of a new book on the Eucharist
  • The opportunities to write for the Catholic Register, to offer regular movie commentaries to Salt + Light Radio, and to write for our newly developing Video Department
  • The many ways the Pauline mission has touched the people of Canada–including our Cinema Divina nights, our Pauline Cooperators, our discernment days and mini-courses…
  • My improved health

A surprising number of these blessings are connected to writing. And there are many, many blessings that I have not listed here, but will be thanking God for in a special way tonight, as we “pray out” the old year and “pray in” the New. Feel free to share the blessings you’ve received this year!

Te Deum laudamus! 


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