The Star That Guides Us…in Life and in Writing!

IMG_0132My writing journey for 2013 started with revising my new book on the Eucharist, and researching what it means to have a writer’s platform–specifically how I can better “get the word out” about  our new books that will be released in 2013. Unlike many writers, for me a writing platform is not to promote me or my name, but to evangelize.

Making this distinction then led me to think about the focus of my writing life/mission as a Daughter of St. Paul, which I journaled about quite a bit. It’s always good to revisit one’s personal mission statement, especially at the beginning of a new year. At today’s feast day Mass of the Epiphany, my reflections led me to think about the Magi and how they so courageously followed a star. Poetically that’s very beautiful, but if a friend told you they were going to drop everything in their life and go on a journey, following not a planned itinerary, but a star, mightn’t you think they were crazy? With the lens of time,  we know that the Magi weren’t crazy, but very, very wise. But I doubt if they were always sure of  that.

And this led me to muse: What has been the “star” on the spiritual journey of my life? What has consistently given me purpose and meaning, and guided me closer to Christ? Surprisingly, I realized that what guides my spiritual journey also guides my writing journey.

The “Star” guiding me on my writing and spiritual journey(s) has been God’s love. Even when I didn’t know it, God’s love has guided my choices, revealed my path, even when it’s only been one step at a time. As I grow, God’s love has also become my “safety net” that allows me to take risks, to dare, to go in new directions.

What is the “Guiding Star” of your life? of your writing journey? How are they connected? I would love to hear  what inspires you to write in the new year!


3 thoughts on “The Star That Guides Us…in Life and in Writing!

  1. I would have to say the “Guiding Star” of my life and my writing journey is “Truth.” The subjects I feel passionate about writing involve the Truths I have learned in all aspects of my life.


  2. Truths that are important enough to me that I would love to write more about them:
    1. Jesus – most important, since He is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life!!!
    2. The Eucharist – Jesus is TRULY present there… TRULY!!!
    3. Life starts at the miraculous moment of conception and ends when God calls us – in between, we should do all we can to support and honor this tremendous gift of life that none of us deserve.
    4. Heaven and Hell are real – we need to live our lives accordingly.
    5. Sin has a truly damaging effect on our relationship with God.

    There are many others – but these are the first five biggies that come to mind.


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