Saints Alive! — Title of My New Books

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Our new books will soon be on the shelf in our PBM Centers!

I just received exciting news: the new saints books that I have co-authored and edited with Sr. Mary Lea Hill, fsp, (of Basic Catechism fame), finally have finalized titles and release date!

Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed
Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed

Each book has about thirty lives of the saints, organized according to theme (more on that later). We wrote the books to show how the saints are real people, who face the kinds of challenges that we face (and sometimes much greater), but who allow God’s grace to work in them. Their challenges become their way to holiness. 

Dramatizing the Saints

What makes these books different than other books on the saints? Because they make the saints accessibleEach story zooms in on one big, important moment from the life of that saint and dramatizes how they heroically choose God…whether it’s a parent going after a rebellious son, a priest answering a missionary call, or a mother discovering she has cancer. The dramatized story is rounded out with a summary of the whole life of the saint or blessed, as well as a “lesser known facts box” that gives fascinating details about the saint. (And the saints are truly fascinating people!)

The idea of dramatizing a moment for each saint’s life comes from the classic Daughters of St. Paul saints series that was published years ago under the titles, Moments of Decision, Heroes from Every Walk of Life, and Every Man’s Challenge. We even took some of the original stories and revised or updated them, but both volumes of Saints Alive! are completely new books, with many new saints and blesseds, extra features, etc. 

These saints books took less time to write than I expected, but much more research, so it’s incredibly exciting to also have a release date of September, 2013! I’m hoping I’ll be able to do some book-signings and talks in both the Toronto and Boston areas throughout the fall. 


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