New Stations of the Cross App will “pick up” my Lenten Fridays!

Walk with Me the Way of the Cross App

Walk with Me the Way of the Cross App

Pauline Books & Media has just outdone themselves in producing a lovely new app with which you can pray the Stations of the Cross: Walk with Me the Way of the Cross App. I got a “sneak peak” last week, and have already used them twice (last Friday and this morning). The Stations are wonderful to listen to because the voices are reverent, well-chosen, and prayerful. The beautiful artwork really enhances the reflections. (Personally, I really love the traditional artwork, although the modern artwork is appealing too, and could be great to use with children). The reflections, taken from the pamphlet: Walk with Me the Way of the Cross by Rev. J. Francis Sofie, Jr., are deeply moving. (You might want to get the pamphlet to read them on your own…or maybe, if PBM does an update, I can suggest an option to read the prayers onscreen.) 

The features are great–you can go at your own pace and extend your personal meditation for each station, or for those who commute or walk,  use the audio-only version that goes ahead on its own. I also love the “slideshow” option that lets you meditate on Jesus’ Passion in just a couple minutes.

A great app to “pick up” your Lent and to give variety and depth to praying the Stations, and perhaps even a great gift to give to someone with whom you are sharing your Lenten journey.

Available on iTunes and Googleplay. I’ve pasted in the write-up below:

The Stations of the Cross are meant to strengthen and comfort us on our journey through life, a journey in which Jesus calls upon us and says: “Walk with me.” This app provides a powerful experience of the Stations through: 

+ audio reflections, words of Jesus, and prayers

+ two sets of beautiful images (one traditional set and one contemporary set)

+ the option to play the Stations of the Cross audio from beginning to end (perfect for praying the Stations in the car or while taking a walk)

+ two four- minute slideshows to pray the Stations without words for when you desire a more contemplative experience or when your time is limited

+ the ability to continue right where you left off if you get interrupted

From start to finish, the Stations are all about the passionate love the Lord Jesus has for each of us. We follow him in these Stations not as spectators, but as his disciples—those he has called by name to follow Him.

2 thoughts on “New Stations of the Cross App will “pick up” my Lenten Fridays!

    • Julie,
      Good to hear from you. I owe you a note…it’s sitting on my desk to write and send. I’ve been thinking of you!!!

      Glad to hear iMass has been helpful. I’m good with all the new prayers except the Nicene Creed. Here in Canada, they use the Apostles’ Creed at Sunday Mass, so I haven’t had a chance to practice the Nicene… Maybe I’m just going to have to memorize it one or two evenings.

      You will hear from me soon–perhaps via snail-mail!


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