Saints Alive! Book Covers Released

I am so excited to share the covers of my two newest books, co-authored with Sr. Mary Lea Hill, FSP. When you get a beautiful, polished cover of your book…the book starts to become real!


We wrote these books to be quick reads of the  lives of the saints, with 30 saints in each book. I’m  hoping that each story will intrigue readers to find out more.

Sister Mary Lea and I do something unique in these books on the saints: we look at their lives from a dramatic perspective, and focus on a particular moment or situation in which this seemingly ordinary person made a choice for Christ: a choice that put them on or moved them decisively forward on the road to sanctity. The stories are like mini-novels, with a “fact box” that quickly gives the “big picture” of the rest of their lives. Each story is both great introduction to the saint, as well as a deepening of a powerful moment in the life of each saint.

Their release date is September 1st, and I am looking forward to presenting the books personally at our Pauline Books & Media Centers in Toronto and Boston, with a talk and book-signing. (Hopefully Sr. Mary Lea will join me in Boston for the book-signing!)



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