Rejoicing with Sr. Maria Kim in Arizona!

InvitePosterSKimpngWe are celebrating the perpetual profession of Sr. Maria Kim in a very special way at her home parish in Arizona, with a week of evangelization, workshops, retreats, presentations, and conferences. The “Team Arizona”–made up of six sisters and eight young women–is halfway through this beautiful week. So far, they have:

-Carried out four parish exhibits, and one exhibit on a Native American reservation

-Collected double the amount of donations we were expecting for “Books of Faith and Courage for Brothers & Sisters in Need”

-Distributed free books at the St. Vincent de Paul dining room in Phoenix to 500 poor and homeless people

-Presented four presentations on the Pauline spirituality after the morning daily Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, including praying our St. Paul Novena with the parishioners

-Sr. Margaret Michael presented a talk on prayer

-Sr. Helena gave a talk on the vocation of man, and will give another on the vocation of woman tonight

-We have exhibits at all of our talks

-The eight young women with us for the Pauline Mission week have been helping at all of our initiatives, as well as taking classes with Sr Margaret Michael

Check out some  beautiful and fun photos at their photo gallery!


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