Coming Back Online

This is my hope, anyway–that I’m gradually finding my way back online! I’m getting close to my actual transfer–I’ll arrive at my new convent and apostolate this coming week. It’s been an unsettling time for me, as I’m letting go of being directly involved with initiatives–and especially people–that I love. I’ve also been trying to get a handle on my new responsibilities before I’ve moved.  This constant process of “letting go” challenges me to a new awareness of my littleness: how dependent I am on things like routine, and how painful change can be!

At this point, I’m eager to get to Boston, to settle in, and to begin my “new adventure,” focusing my energies on the “new pathways” that the Lord wants to create (Is. 43:19)!

ImageIn the meantime, it’s been busy. I was blessed to be able to collaborate for two TV shows with Salt + Light TV‘s Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann. (I’ll post here when they’re going to air.) And, my last days in Toronto have been particularly joyful to coincide with the release and book-signings of our two new books: Saints Alive: The Faith Proclaimed and Saints Alive: The Gospel Witnessed. If you are interested in the books, or in the saints, visit our Saints Alive page. The first part of my newly developing author website is finally up!  I’d love feedback if you’re a reader or listener–what would help you on your journey of growth in Christ?

Also, the RadioMaria interview now has a home on the web, if you missed the live broadcast:

In addition to posting here, I’m also getting back to following Pope Francis online, tweets and all! He has some wonderful remarks for Catholic communicators here, and of course, his lengthy interview with the Jesuits, which not only gives us insight into our new Holy Father and his pastoral approach, but also models how we can communicate Christ to people today.


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